As well as being the ‘Home of the Best in Caribbean and Black British writing,’ Peepal Tree Press is also home to Inscribe, the successful professional writer development programme run by co-directors Kadija George and Dorothea Smartt.

With its roots in Peepal Tree’s practice of editorial development, Inscribe began as a project to develop specific writers of African and Asian descent in Yorkshire. We have now been given a remit from Arts Council England to take this model nationally.

We will be working with eight partners across the country to deliver various elements of the Inscribe Model to each one.

We look forward to collaborating with:

  • ID on Tyne (Newcastle)
  • Cultureword; (Manchester)
  • The Drum, (Birmingham)
  • Writing East Midlands, (Leicester)
  • New Writing South (Brighton)
  • City Chameleon – with associated Black writing groups e.g. Our Stories Make Waves and Bristol Black Writers (Bristol)
  • Spread The Word (London)
  • SABLE Creative Enterprise (London / International)

Each co-director will serve as a primary contact to four of the partner organisations to set up The Inscribe Model.

Kadija George will be the main contact person for Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester, and Leicester.

Dorothea Smartt will liaise with contacts and writers in Bristol, Newcastle, and London.

Our mission is to support the development of writers of specifically African and Asian descent in the UK.  We welcome writers and performers of poetry, fiction & non-fiction.

 General advice and information is also available to any writers of African & Asian descent.

The Inscribe Originals are our initial select group of multi-genre writers, who are offered personalised on-going individual and group support.

We also work with younger writers in our programme Young Inscribe, an Arts Award Welcome organisation.

See “Our Writers” chapter to learn more about the writers we are currently working with.

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And do not hesitate to get in touch.

Keep a pen at the ready!

Kadija George                                       &                                Dorothea Smartt 

  kadija.inscribe@peepaltreepress.com                dorothea.inscribe@peepaltreepress.com



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