Onyi Ekebuisi

580821_10151158516162223_812546273_nIMG_0167Onyi Ekebuisi is a writer, performer and student studying French at the University of Liverpool. She was born and brought up in Sheffield and is of Nigerian Igbo heritage. She graduated from The Writing Squad programme in 2008 and has been a Young Inscribe writer since 2007.

Her primary medium is the short story, however she has recently been exploring poetry, short screenplays and theatre. In her writing she likes to experiment with narrative structure and form.

She was a Writer-In-Residence on ‘To Market, To Market’ in 2012 and is currently working on the ‘A Leeds Seen’ project for Transform festival 2013 at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.


As I reach the sea front I notice the smell of donuts has sunk with the sun. I breathe deep through my nose and skip over the road. The other kiosk smells –  burger grease, and onion tears have also passed. The smell of chips still lingers but drifts hand in hand with gourmet pizza and other aromas of Italy. It’s subtle, and only pokes bluntly against the sea air. Pure and fresh. I move down the steps onto the pebbles, away from the loud bars and restaurants. The last sea gulls wings are heavy, resting on the shore, creating a silhouette so perfect against a postcard landscape. I take in the moment and walk on.

The stones crunch beneath my trainers. It seems to fit with guitar chords so faint in the distance. I lift my elbows above my head and begin to dance, my feet creating a quick beat that fits the tune. I start to hum, my eyes are closed, and my head sways with the tide. My mouth shapes the words, “Loving every breath…” I gasp. I pace towards the sounds. The sky seems to deepen with every pound as though I am running through time. I halt, out of breath, at the source.

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