Saika Bibi

Pic for Writer Pro


Saika Bibi is a new writer who prefers to let her work speak for itself, see below for an extract from “Shadows” her debut short story.


When Henrietta continued to laugh, Dominique charged the girl. “Ah!” Henrietta fell. “Disgusting! So disgusting! Get off me, blind girl! Get off me! Get off me!” She pushed with all her might.

Giselle saw her sister stumble back. She was so weak, so light. She hit her head against the wall and started to wail, hands reaching for the site of the pain.

All noise around Giselle faded away. It was as if she was deaf. Dominique’s crying seemed to be coming from a great distance. For a few seconds, her vision throbbed red…and then it went blank.

“What will you do?”

The eerie voice from her dreams spoke as if into her ear, but there was no one there. Her vision had faded to white, save for the figures of Henrietta and Dominique.

“What do you desire?”

“Strength,” Giselle hissed.

“I will give you strength, if you show me your resolve.”

“…What resolve?”

“How will you protect that which is important to you?”

She scowled, hands fisting at her sides. She took a few steps towards the brown-haired girl. “I’ll fight with everything I have.” she whispered.

“You would even hurt a child?”

A small smile blossomed across her lips, transforming her rage to something beautiful and lethal. “Be it man or child, those who would dare lay a finger on Dominique are all the same. They are trash.”

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